A Louisiana Wedding, Texas-Style

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There were all the trimmings of wedded bliss Wednesday night in Wellborn.

The programs were printed.

The guests signed in.

The candles were lit.

And as the wedding party arrived, you wouldn't think there was anything extraordinarily special about Phillip and Tonya's special occasion.

Except it was supposed to happen in November.

In New Orleans.

"If we could have ended up anywhere, it would have definitely been here in College Station, Bryan, Texas in general," said Phillip Meyers. "The people here have been very helpful."

It's a community that vowed to make the new Mr. and Mrs. Myers's vows happen here. The couple was staying in the 7F Lodge when they saw the chapel and fell in love with the place where they cemented their love Wednesday.

"We just made phone calls to the members of the Bridal Association, and it was instant," said Carol Conlee with 7F Lodge. "The cake, the dress, the photographer, flowers, music."

"We got everything done in two days," said Vickie Cangelose with Bridal Gallery. "That's the fastest ever. I have to say, that's a record."

"The people in Texas, the hospitality, is awesome," said Joan Trahan, the bride's mother. "They're angels."

"Texans wear their hearts on their sleeves," added Tonya's stepfather, Victor. "You can see it as you pass by. Everybody is so friendly, it's unreal."

"The overwhelming kindness and generosity that we've witnessed here and benefited from, it's really not something that two weeks ago we would have ever even imagined that we'd be talking about right now," said the groom's father, Lyn Meyers.

"This was more than we even asked for," said Tonya, "more than we even planned back at home. It's a blessing."

To top it all off -- quite literally -- atop the Myers's little white chapel stands a fleur-de-lis, a Southern Louisiana symbol for an East Texas wedding, two months early, a week removed from disaster, but at a time never better.

"This made our whole trip that much better," said Phillip. "We would have been sitting at home right now, but now we have something much better to do."