Four New Academic Concepts Approved for Texas A&M

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At their most recent meeting, the Texas A&M University Board of Regents voted on and approved four new proposals. Each proposal presented concepts to establish new research centers at the College Station campus. The proposed centers focus on academic research in the areas of obesity, sports management, the equine industry and scientific simulations, all fields lacking substantial research.

The Center for Obesity and Program Evaluation plans to study ways to curb the growing obesity problems across the nation.

The sports management center will be a one-of-a-kind and Texas A&M will be the only university in the country to have a sports management center that collaborates with the university's athletic department.

By establishing the Center for Equine Business Studies, A&M will once again be a research pioneer. This center will be the only facility in the country geared toward the business and economics surrounding the horse industry.

The center for Large-Scale-Scientific Simulations will serve two purposes, it will help physics researchers study complicated physics problems and determine why they happen and it and will help students learn the more efficient methods for solving problems.

Wendy Gramm, Chair of the Committee on Academic and Student Affairs, says this is just another example of why Texas A&M a leader in academic research.

"Well, I do think that this just shows that Texas A&M is not only at the forefront of trying to provide not only leadership in research, but also to educate future generations of scholars on very important and very relevant areas and this is what Texas A&M is about and we're very pleased," said Wendy Gramm, Chair, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs.

This approval is just the first step in getting these centers established because they are only concepts. Each department will have to submit more detailed proposals at future meetings.