Medical Care for Evacuees

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The local medical community has been responding to the health needs of Hurricane Katrina evacuees. Doctors and nurses have been volunteering their supplies and time and caring for the sick and wounded.

From the moment the hundreds of Hurricane Katrina evacuees arrived in Bryan/ College Station, doctors, nurses, and medical personnel came forward as volunteers to help them with medical care.

" We're seeing a lot of cuts and abrasions," said Paula Deal with the Brazos Family Medicine Center,

" We've seen a number of people that have chronic medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease that have been without their medications," said Dr. Robert Wiprud with Texas A&M's Health Science Center.

Texas A&M's Health Science Center along with the Brazos Family Medicine Center have been visiting shelters and providing health care services for free. Physicians are worried about those who had to go through the toxic flood waters.

" There's a lot of encouragement for the people to come down and get vaccinated so they don't develop Hepatitis A from the contaminated water," said Dr. Wiprud.

Paula Deal was tasked with collecting supplies and says no matter what was needed, the generous donations from the Brazos Valley helped provide.

" Anything I've needed, nebulizers, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, all I've had to do was put out a plea for a need and it's been meet," said Deal.

Doctors have also given free medical and dental exams, and written prescription refills. They are paying special attention to senior citizens with heart problems and children who may dealing with anxiety.

Those left without medical care after hurricane Katrina say they are grateful for the smiling faces and helping hands of the Brazos Valley medical community.

Bryan and College Station school districts are working with the Brazos County Health Department for vaccinations needed for evacuees attending schools.

The state health department says Mississippi and Louisiana have similar requirements for immunizations for school children.