Fmr. Mascot Corporal Revels in Collie Tradition

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Sam Netterville is a longtime Aggie, class of 1955.

Before he was caring for his pug Sassy, he cared for another dog, he cared for Reveille II while he went to A&M.

He took on the task because he saw that Reveille, who was being raised by the band, wasn't being taken care of.

"I was told by the Dean of Students that the State of Texas nor the college... owned that dog," Netterville said. "I said well, 'A Company Quartermaster owns her.'"

So he took Reveille from the band and started to care for her himself.

"We decided to get her ship shape, which we did and she was a well traveled dog," said Netterville.

Well traveled because everywhere Netterville went, Reveille II did too.

"She went to class with me, to the movies, went on dates, went to chow," Netterville said.

So Reveille became less of a nuisance and more of a point of pride for the Aggies, so the band decided they wanted the dog back.

"I said 'no, I was company commander and I was a fifth year senior and I told the seniors in the band your rings got '56 on it, my rings got '55 on it," said Netterville. "'You're not getting Reveille. Forget it, meeting over.'"

So it would always stay that way. The student government ruled that A Company Quartermaster would always care for Reveille.

When A&M turned into general ROTC, A Quartermaster turned into E2, but nothing has changed. E2 still keeps Reveille.

But changes could be in the works, in the way of changing Reveille's breed from a Collie

"I think the school should leave it just like it is," Netterville said. "Get another collie, let Company E2 get the new Collie pup in shape and let her grow up in that atmosphere."

Even though the Reveille he cared for was a Shepherd.

Whatever the decision, its a time in Netterville's life, he won't ever forget.

"I never considered that a lot of responsibility, I considered it an honor that I had Reveille," Netterville said.