Katrina Evacuees Become Brazos Valley Citizens

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"We come from nowhere to somewhere which is a good thing because we are living, we have life," said Mary Allen, Katrina Evacuee.

After Hurricane Katrina blew through the Gulf Coast destroying thousands of homes, many Louisiana residents were placed in shelters in the Brazos Valley...

"It's more love here than I've seen in a long time, I haven't seen this much love in my own city,' said Sybil Borden, Hurricane Evacuee.

Many Katrina survivors no longer have homes to return to and because of the warm welcome they were given here, many of them, like Mary Allen plan on staying forever.

"I think I am going to reside here in College Station. I don't know where yet, but I'll be here and it's most comfortable here the people here are wonderful", said Allen.

Sybil Borden and her family have already found a permanent place to live...already moving in the few belongings they have left.

"And I really plan on staying here for the rest of my life, I don't plan on going back to New Orleans, me and my family," said Borden.

Kim Moore from United Realty has been helping some of the displaced families that want to stay find housing. She says while they can't help everybody, those they can help are very appreciative.

"I think we are giving them the tools to help them establish themselves here in Bryan College Station," said Kim Moore, United Realty.

Just a week ago the Reed Arena floor was filled with beds. Now, many of the families have moved on to more long term housing and some of their faces might become permanent fixtures in the Brazos Valley