Texas Avenue Construction Causes Roadblock for Businesses

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If you've been anywhere near Texas Ave in South College Station then you already know there is a lot of construction going on. But the traffic hang-ups are only part of the pain on this new project.

College Station business owners along Texas avenue rely on their location to stay competitive. But Texas Department of Transportation's three year plan to widen the much traveled street has literally created a roadblock for customers.

Jeff Coppernoll of Brown's Shoe Fit is worried that he could be losing business.

"We've thought about temporary locations. We've thought about re-locating for a time frame but this is a 3 and a half year project and that's what concerns me because we're only 6 months into it," says Coppernoll.

The project is in Phase 2, which is widening the east side of the road that's expected to last for about a year.

Roy Perkins works at The Barber Shop and says while construction on the busy street is frustrating but he's willing to lose a bit of business to bring in more down the road.

"It's gotta be done and i'm sure in the long run its going to help us but right now its affected us. But fortunately we have some good customers that keep fighting traffic," says Perkins.

An average of 35,000 vehicles a day travel down Texas Avenue. So while TXDot is looking to improve traffic flow, the businesses would like to see them pull in and stop. But stopping can be a problem when there are no visible signs on where to enter.

"We were anticipating a mess and it turned out that way. It’s something that has to be done, but it's a real inconvenience for shoppers. People are unsure of where to come and go cause it changes so regularly," says Coppernoll.

So for the time being, customers, drivers and businesses will just have to be patient. The $17 million project will add six lanes from George Bush to FM 2818, and medians that prohibit left turns.