Code Enforcement Progress

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Bryan's city council has heard from upset residents and the police department about code enforcement issues. Now council members have a first hand look at how things are going.

Back in June Bryan Police Chief, Mike Strope announced the need for a more aggressive approach to code enforcement in order to clean up Bryan neighborhoods. But a month later residents complained about getting citations. Now the city, police, and residents are working towards a solution.

" Some of our challenging areas are the older parts of town that were built many years ago and are not up to current code," said Chief Strope.

Chief Strope gave council members a tour of neighborhoods and a code enforcement evaluation for the city. Some Council members say they weren't surprised by the number of neighborhoods that needed attention.

" Some properties were not very well maintained and other properties next door looked really great. It makes us realize that progress is being made," said councilman Ben Hardeman.

Chief Strope was also quick to point out the neighborhoods that have banded together and made improvements and uses them as examples for the rest of the city. But Chief Strope admits some residents and neighborhoods have a long way to go.

" I'd like to see some of the junk vehicles removed. I'd like to see some of the open storage removed and I think working together with the police, city, and neighborhoods that can certainly be accomplished," said Chief Strope.