College Station Meetings Hit the 'Net

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Besides going in person or watching them on television, there's now a new way to see College Station's meetings. Starting this week, the city will stream their Channel 19 programming live on the city's website.

All city meetings will be archived. The video will be encoded as the meeting happens, and then will be broken down by agenda items. For instance, if someone wants to watch Item 12.3 on a certain meeting, you can click on that item, and video from that discussion is brought up.

College Station paid a $40,300 start-up fee to online company Granicus for the service, and will pay them around $15,000-a-year in the future. That breaks down to $800 each month for Granicus to host the information, and $350 for a "minutes manager."

According to the city, they are only the second community in the state to utilize this company's technology for city meetings.

Councilmembers say it brings a new level of transparency to their governing.