Grandview Cemetery Not So Grand

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The final resting place for some has become an eye-sore to others. The Grandview cemetery in Bryan has been neglected for years. But one man is on a mission to keep it clean.

As Walter Watson walks through Grandview Cemetery in Bryan, he doesn't like what he sees. Weeds have taken over and gravesites are barely recognizable. The 83-year-old cemetery is on private property, but the owner is unknown.

" The problem is that the cemetery has been abandoned and since it's abandoned no one is willing to clean it up," said Watson.

Watson would like to keep it up. But he'll need help to mow the 11 acres the cemetery sits on. Watson doesn't have the supplies and tools it will take to clean up what overgrown grass and weeds have taken over. He hopes one day the cemetery will become a historical site since many black World War II heroes and some of the first Bryan settlers are buried there.

" The graves are sinking and there could be a health hazard. The trees need pruning, the grass needs cutting," said Watson.

The city of Bryan is aware of the problem, but says it's not responsible for maintaining private property. They've expressed no interest in taking it over.

So Watson plans to take matters into his own hands. He doesn't have any family members buried here, he just feels it's the right thing to do.

" I'm trying to be of service to the community and I want to help," said Watson.

Watson hopes others in the community will feel the same way and join him in his efforts to bring dignity back to the people buried at Grandview.

Watson has set up a foundation to collect money, lawn mowers, and other landscaping supplies. For more information on how you can help call 587- 0032.