New Study: Too Much Sex on TV

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According to a new study, kids are bombarded with sex on TV. The study found that 70 percent of all shows now include some sexual content. On shows most popular with teens, the number of sexual scenes has just about doubled since 1998.

Ian Weber, a global media professor at Texas A&M, says the study is credible but it does not take into account the impact sexual content has on young audiences.

"We need to understand it from the young person’s perspective, not just that the media is disseminating this information, but how are young people responding to that information is just as important," said Ian Weber of Texas A&M University.

Weber also says that some sexual content on TX is in fact just a reflection of society.

"There are a number of reports that have come out continuously over the years, but there is also an argument that television and media is just reflecting societal values," said Weber.

That's where Weber says parents enter the script.

Joshua Dwyer, a father of two, says that while sex on TV is becoming more prominent parents should take on some of the responsibility for regulating what their children watch.

"They're the primary person responsible for their kids’ upbringing, and if they don't take care of it, nobody else will," said Joshua Dwyer, parent.

"So it comes back to not just the media's role and the governments role of regulating media, it comes back to parental control," said Weber.

Some argue whether government regulators are doing enough the limit steamy TV, experts say parents should be their own children's filter of what's appropriate and what's not.