CS Election Preview: Crompton vs. Dictson

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News 3 continues its previews of the contested races in the Twin Cities with a look at the race for College Station city council Place 1.

The incumbent is John Crompton, who is seeking a full, three-year term after having served a one-year, unexpired term.

The longtime neighborhood advocate wants to see better code enforcement in neighborhoods, and to have growth pay for itself with traffic impact fees and water fees.

"There are two key issues in this race -- neighborhood integrity and growth paying for itself," Crompton said. "My opponent, who's a developer, believes in unfettered growth, which means there will be massive subsidy to develop for the community to pay for their infrastructure, and it also means the developers determine the priorities in this community, many of whom are from out of town. I believe the existing neighborhoods and residents should determine the priorities and in abolishing those massive subsidies."

His opponent, Derek Dictson, serves on College Station's planning and zoning commission.

Dictson is calling for a long term comprehensive plan to embrace the inevitable growth of the city. In attracting people and businesses to town, he says the city should promote Texas A&M, its parks and its schools.

"I'm going to be dedicated to putting in place a good comprehensive plan that plans our long term growth for the next 20 years," Dictson said. "I'm going to be committed to keep our taxes low, our cost of living low, attracting the best businesses that we can attract here to town, and keeping this a wonderful place for us to live and raise our kids."

Election Day is May 10, though early voting is underway.

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