Scouting For Food

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Saturday morning some Brazos Valley residents worked to make sure other Brazos Valley residents didn't go hungry.

Cub scouts and troops from Brazos County held their annual food drive for the Brazos Church Pantry.

Truck loads of food were delivered, with lots of people spending their Saturday morning to help sort it.

Boy scout leaders say this is a great time to hold a food drive, because there's an urgent need.

Its nine or ten thousand pounds of food going to folks a month and summertime is the time when people don't really think much like they do the holidays, to donate to people in need," said George Hester, Chairman of the Scouting For Food drive.

The Brazos Valley Food Bank says more and more people are getting their groceries from area food banks.

The drive today brought in nearly 28,000 lbs of food.

Organizers say four years ago that much food could have gotten the church pantry through nearly the entire summer.

Now, that much food will only last the pantry six to eight weeks.