Reverend Wright, Right Message?

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Sunday morning at Shiloh First Baptist Church, in Bryan, the message was all about peace.

After the service, parishioners weren't shy too shy to say what they thought about Barack Obama's minister, Pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Wright has said that the eleven-o-clock hour on Sunday morning is "the most segregated hour" in America.

"It doesn't matter. Even if its true, it doesn't matter, because church is church," said Shiloh Baptist Church attendee Shammara Clay.

Speaking at the National Press Club last week, Wright said the recent attention given to his sermons was "an attack on the black church."

Bryan Pastor Kris Erskine disagrees.

"To take this opportunity to continue to feed this to the media, I just don't understand it. I don't agree with a lot of things he's said, but I don't think it's a slam against the black church," said Erskine.

Regarding media criticism of his sermons, Wright said that, "the media was making a fool out of itself, because it knew nothing about our tradition."

Some Shiloh Baptist members said those traditions are important to talk about.

"The only way people can truly understand what it is to be an American and what it is to be an African-American is probably to live it. Because everybody can't live it and we have to all live together, what we have to do is to have the conversation," said Gwendolyn Webb-Johnson.

Pastor Erskine says those differences should be a different conversation than the one about Obama.

"I honestly think that they need to be discussed, I don't think the timing is right," said Erskine. "Rather than say comments that will deter and distract him from getting there, we need to be saying things that will determine and help him get there."

At least one church member at Shiloh Baptist would like to shift the focus off of Wright and back to the candidates.

"I don't think its a non-issue, I think we need to hear it. If indeed its going to be a core part of this democratic campaign then we need to be talking to Hillary's pastor too, and unless I missed it, I have not seen that," said Webb-Johnson.