Football Fans At Northgate Make Plans To Watch The Cotton Bowl

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It's wet and down right ugly outside, but that won't stop some true fans.

"It's all about the game.So if it was here and we stood out in the rain we would definitely do that too," said Leanita Eilers.

On a road trip to Fredericksburg, The Eilers made a stop in College Station.

"We're going to my brother-in-law's house and we're all Aggies, all of the family. So, there will probably be 20, 25 of us adults, graduates, and kids; lots of kids. And were all going to watch the game," said Eilers.

James Wilson plans on keeping warm and staying home.

"I'm probably going to be watching it at the house. I'm going to get a group of friends together, were gonna probably get something to eat and watch a good football game," said James Wilson

With a mixture of cold and wet weather a number of local business owners are expecting a low turnout at Northgate.

And an Oklahoma fan is excited for the show down.

"I'm here in Aggieland, but I'm still going for the Sooners. You know I've grown up watching The Sooners," said Dougherty.

Scott Dougherty plans to watch the big game in town.

"I'm not sure yet, you know there are a lot of places here on Northgate. They got a lot of TV's, Duddley's Draw most likely," said Dougherty.

While the bars look quiet and smaller crowd are expected, it could be a chance for football fans to get a good seat.