Katrina- One Month Later

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Thursday marks one month since the wrath of hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Earlier this month News 3 spoke with a family who evacuated New Orleans and is now making Bryan their new home.

We first meet the Clayton family from New Orleans on September 3. They were staying with relatives and picking up items at the distribution center. One month later...

" We're no longer staying with relatives. We moved into our own apartment," said Elliott Lacy.

" Every thing's changed. Our whole lifestyle has changed. We came to Bryan for three, four days and winded up staying a month," said Mary Chesterfield.

With help from local churches, the government, and other family members, Elliott and Mary are taking steps to start over. They've enrolled their two daughters in school and both are looking for jobs. But the process hasn't always been easy.

"It's hard. I'm crying, because I'm upset because we lost everything. Everything we worked hard for. We had a good lifestyle in New Orleans," said Chesterfield.

Mary and Elliott are calling this Bryan apartment their home for now and say their neighbors have told them horror stories of the condition of their house in New Orleans.

" My neighbor called and told us. She says it's awful. She said we don't have anything. Everything has sat in the water for so long that it's just molded," said Chesterfield.

" I don't think we're going to be able to salvage anything. I think the whole house may have to be demolished," said Lacy.

The family only has a few precious photos to remind them of happier times in New Orleans. But the thought of another hurricane like Katrina hitting the city evokes fear.

" I don't ever want to live there again. Never again. I'm afraid," said Chesterfield.

The family plans to go back to New Orleans and meet with their insurance company over the weekend.