FEMA Disappoints Some Evacuees

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"I don't want more, I don't want less. They can investigate I can give my FEMA number," said Maria Laylle, Katrina Evacuee.

The recent hurricanes have left a countless number of people in need of government assistance from FEMA, but some say FEMA has not been a help at all.

"It took me all day and I couldn't get through and then they have a recording and they disconnect you," said Dottie Walsh, Rita Evacuee.

Maria Laylle reported her FEMA claim from Katrina exactly a month ago. She says she has been patient and followed up with FEMA every few days and still turns up with the same thing, nothing.

"I want them to give me what's owed to me what I'm entitled to, I'm a taxpayer, I've worked for this. I'm not on welfare, I lost my job because of the hurricane," said Laylle.

Michael Parks is with The Brazos Valley Council on Governments, he says they are helping evacuees from Katrina and Rita register with FEMA. They are aware of the difficulties some people have experienced getting help from FEMA.

"We've had some reports of that but my response is continue, ask to speak to a supervisor," said Michael Parks, Brazos Valley Council on Governments.

According to Parks, the issues with FEMA don't end there.

"There are a few cases where checks were sent to the wrong address or checks were sent to the wrong bank account because the numbers were entered incorrectly and we're trying to clean those up," said Parks.

However, it isn't all bad news for some evacuees.

"Most, but not all, but most people that signed up for Katrina have received their FEMA assistance already," said Parks.

No doubt, FEMA has a big job to do. But some Hurricane survivors say they are still in the storm.