Teen on a Mission

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We often see bad things happen to people but feel like there's not much we can do to help. One Brenham teenager felt that way, but decided to use her talents to make a difference.

Determined. That's one way to describe 17-year-old Christine Campbell.
Not only is she preparing for high school graduation and college while holding down a job. She also spends a great deal of her own time raising money for breast cancer research.

" My next door neighbor was diagnosed with cancer when I was 15 and I really couldn't do anything to help so I thought this was a way I could help everyone by raising funds," said Christine.

Christine says this first-hand brush with cancer was the inspiration behind her personal campaign of breast cancer awareness in her home town.

" I've gone around the community of Brenham and asked for donations. I've handed out flyers about cancer and awareness," said Christine.

Christine's next endeavor is a formal dinner called "An Evening of Black and Pink". In typical Christine fashion, she's not just organizing and planning the entire evening, the aspiring chef is also preparing the meals and baking desserts.

" We're exceeding proud of her. A few years ago whenever she started talking about this, we listened to what she said and gave her some ideas," said Christine's mom, Tracy.

It's little wonder Christine's parents are proud of her. But they're also supportive of everything she's doing for the cause of breast cancer awareness. Christine's classmates are also helping out their go-getter girlfriend.

" Her goal was to raise at least $7,500 and to date she's raised about $4,500," said Christine's mom.

Christine's friends and family say she'll have no problem reaching that goal and any other one she sets her mind to. But Christine's sights are set on a much larger mission, saving the lives of breast cancer victims.