Castro-Mania Sweeps Across Aggieland

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Aggie Jason Castro belted out a couple of classics Tuesday night as it was Songs that Shaped Rock & Roll week on American Idol.
Castro sung Bob Marley's "I shot the Sheriff" and Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man."

During the second song, Castro forgot some of the words and judge Simon Cowell told him to start packing his bags.

It was announced earlier this week that if Jason lands a spot in the final three, he will perform on the steps of the Administration Building on campus. This is something uniting fans all across campus and in the Bryan/College Station area to make sure Castro survives another week.

You could call it Castro-mania. There's a certain excitement that can't be denied each time Jason Castro hits the airwaves.

"It's kind of weird because we've talked about American Idol before, but we haven't had this type of fanatical fan base that he kind of seems to generate," Candy 95's Morning deejay Frito said.

"We had a mom that called in and said she has two cell phones she dials in on, plus her home phone. Plus, her daughters are working something online where they're voting. So we've had a lot of callers let us know how important this is for them," fellow Candy 95 deejay Alli added.

The calls from Jason's fans just keep pouring in at the local radio station, so much so that along the way Frito and Alli have become faithful fans themselves.

"Last week, I think I got up to 570 votes. That was from calling in for an hour and texting for an hour," Alli said.

The Aggie favorite is known for his unique voice and daring dreads. But it's his laid back charm that seems to really be capturing the hearts and attention of many voters.

"I think Jason Castro embodies the niceness and the wonderful A&M spirit we have," A&M student Lea Leveringon said.

"I love his style, the guitar. When he sang Hallelujah, it was just amazing. I loved it," fellow student Jonathan Bailey said.

There's definitely no doubt that Aggieland Outfitters loves Jason Castro as well. Since Jason landed in the final four, the store has created shirts in support of the Aggie idol. The store says the shirts have been flying off the shelves.

"The top three is really big, and with the possibility of him coming here to Aggieland, it's really exciting. So more and more people are rushing in asking for the shirt," Kendra Brinkley with the store said.

Many think it's that A&M spirit that will land Castro and his fans the ultimate gig -- or in this case gig'em: performing at his alma mater.

"Jason we're all rooting for you, hoping you make us proud. Gig'em," Travis Robinson said.

American Idol airs at 7 p.m. Tuesday on FOX.