Mixed Opinions Locally on Texas Liquor Law Proposal

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Selling liquor on Sunday in Texas has been a debated topic for years.
Houston State Rep. Senfronia Thompson proposed House Bill 421, a measure that could allow alcohol to be sold on Sundays at liquor stores.

The law is considered a blue law, and dates back to Prohibition. Laws
restricted activities or sales of goods on Sunday, to accommodate the Christian sabbath.

Local residents and businesses weighted in on the issue.

In Bryan-College Station, Liquor sales are anything but dry.

The store manager says Western Beverages sells over $30,000 worth of alcohol per week.

"I don't know how the cost of having the store open and the money that we make will come out with staffing. And just everything that goes along with a having a store open," said Nora Gonzales.

Louis Vanpelt is a wine drinker and makes a trip to the store when he needs to.

"Number one you can get them in grocery stores , number two if I need anything else I know they're closed on Sunday so I'll come on Saturday, said"

The City of College Station says the city can benefit from a portion of alcohol sales tax.

The City of College Station says a %14 tax on mixed alcohol drinks collected from the State brought in nearly $380, thousand dollars last year.

This is alcohol sold as mixed drinks from restaurants and bars not from liquor stores, but it is an indication of how much the city benefits from alcohol sales.

Lawmakers say so far 36 states allow alcohol sales on Sunday, but Texas is not included.

Alcohol is already sold in restaurants and grocery stores on Sunday.

Pastor Van Roberson who leads Shiloh Baptist Church feels that Sunday should be sacred.

"The lord has given us six days to do everything that we have time to do. That one day should be his that we can worship him and give honor and glory for the things that he has done for us throughout the week," said Roberson.