Cindies Too Risque?

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A Zoning Board meeting at the Bryan City Council chambers at 5:30 Wednesday evening, could determine the fate of an adult novelty store.

Cindies opened its doors on March 7th. Four days later, the store was notified it had violated zoning laws.

"We have a lot of items that are for bachelorette parties that are in retail stores as well, and that is located at the front. That is partially what had the City of Bryan upset with us," said Tangela McBrewer, Cindies' store manager.

The city says Cindies is an adult entertainment store, in a shopping center zoned for retail. City staffers say the problems stem from the store's "sexual equipment."

"We do have a small selection of adult items," said McBrewer.

The displays make up almost half the store, but managers say the items aren't new to Bryan.

"All of our stuff that a lot of people were finding offensive can be purchased at other retail stores locally," said McBrewer.

Cindies now has frosted glass on one side of its store front, and a wooden wall ready for mannequins, on the other. The new set-up has appeased at least a few customers at the shopping center.

"A lot of people are not into that and I think just cause other people are, they shouldn't have their business all out," said Marisol Saldana.

Some people say they don't see what the big deal was, in the first place.

"I think Bryan-College Station needs to grow up a little bit, we're in the 21st century, this is a huge college town, I don't think it should be a very big deal," said David Garcia.

"15 other Cindies and nobody's ever had this problem until good ol' Bryan," said McBrewer.