Recent Incident Sparks Animal Disturbance Discussion

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News Three told you about a College Station man who took the law into his own hands, on Sunday. Police say Gary Bingham fired his shotgun near a neighbor's home when the neighbor's dog wouldn't stop barking.

This latest incident raised the question, "what is the law when it comes to unruly pets?"

The Bryan Police Department says if your pet won't stop barking, you receive a warning first, then a hefty fine.

"Animal control will go and visit with the pet owner and they always ask for voluntarily compliance first," Leslie Malinak said. "If that doesn't happen the complainant is given a log sheet to log all the times the dog is barking and causing problems."

If that doesn't work, the pet owner could be headed to municipal court, where a fine stands at $230 for a barking dog.

In College Station warnings are issued first, then a $200 fine.

In April of last year College Station animal control issued 40 animal related citations and 91 warnings. Last month, CSPD issued 70 citations and 93 warnings.

In April 2007 Bryan animal control issued six citations and 50 warnings. Last month, the city issued 59 warnings, and six citations.

The Brazos County Sheriff's Department issued four animal related citations in April 2007. From April 2007 to April 2008, 91 calls came into the sheriff's department regarding animal nuisances. During that same time period, 53 animal related warnings were given and 38 citations.