Cindie's to Stay Open

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Good news for owners of a Bryan lingerie and novelty shop.

Wednesday evening, the Bryan Zoning Board upheld the store's appeal and will allow it to stay open.

Just days after the store opened in March, the city of Bryan decided Cindie's was an adult entertainment store. City employees said Cindies's violated zoning laws since the shopping center where the store is located is zoned for retail businesses, and not adult entertainment.

During Wednesday night's hearing, city employees admitted that no one from the city ever asked Cindie's what kind of merchandize the store would display, before Cindie's opened.

Employees also said no one from the city's planning or building departments visited the chain's other locations before granting the permit.

"This body would not have had to look at this particular situation and spend a lot of time and effort to go through this if the proper things had been done up front," said Scott Hickle, a zoning board member.

Hickle also indicated the ordinance governing adult establishments is not clear.

The city ordinance states that an adult entertainment business is one where a substantial portion of the store is adult oriented, but ordinance does not define substantial.