Bremond Residents Say Tornado Sounded Like Train

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It was scary evening for some Robertson County residents, as three tornadoes touched down across the county.

Before 8p.m. Wednesday night, the Yezak family's barn was in tact, and just 50 ft away from an old chicken house. The tornado lumped the two buildings into one big pile.

"This is part of the chicken house here, this is the roof. The actual floor is on top of my tractor," said Pat Yezak, of Bremond.

The tornado was over before the Yezaks knew it. It not only mangled their yard, it left nerves raw.

"I felt really bad about my daughter," said Pat. She called from Bryan and I said 'honey pray for mom and dad because there's a tornado coming and its right here and I've got to go because I've got to get in the closet.'"

"I didn't think about what I was doing to her at the time emotionally when I said that. As it was over with, the phone was ringing and it was her calling back and of course she was crying and I said 'hey, look, we're all good. Everything's fine, this is all just material stuff that can be replaced. It's ok," said Pat.

Neighbors in Bremond are just glad everyone here, is ok. While some sheds and barns were all or partially destroyed, the Yezak's home was untouched.

Maurice Yezak says that's thanks in part to the holy water his wife sprinkled on some of the buildings, moments before the tornado hit.

"She sprinkled it on this shop, this one didn't get any," said Maurice. "This one is good, this one is gone."

Just down the street, Mary Beth Ainsworth is crediting a higher power too.

"I thought Dear Lord, please don't let me have a heart attack because I really felt like I might," said Ainsworth.

Trees fell on Mary Beth's roof, and left huge limbs in her yard. Across the street, tin and trash clung to power lines, power lines lay across driveways, and mailboxes were stuck in trees.

Although the tornado upset nearly everything in its path, Robertson County Sheriff's officials say they had no reports of serious injuries due to the twister.

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