Kyle Field's Secure, Says A&M Athletics

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Big XII schools are reexamining security following a bombing in Norman last week, an apparent suicide not intended to hurt anyone, but a reminder of the need for tight policing.

"It was good for us to look at all the things we do and make sure they were all in place," said Mike Caruso, the associate athletic director for game operations at A&M. "We won't change anything we do. We think the plan is very good. We go over it every year, and we have emergency plans in place for almost any eventuality that may happen."

Officials from all conference schools conference called this week to make sure their bases were covered when it came to game day security.

"We had already this year put into place a little bit more stringent, more diligent bag check situation," said Caruso. "We hope people don't need to bring bags to Kyle Field."

Even minutes after the opening kickoff, there are people jam-packed outside the gates of Kyle Field, many of whom are delayed because they have to go through a bag check. Officials at A&M say if you want to get in quicker, don't bring one.

"The further you go away from an incident, you see that complacency start to set in," said UPD Chief Elmer Schneider. "We try to make sure that everyone knows -- and that goes for law enforcement and all the emergency services -- that we're on constant vigilance."

And that vigilance includes state-of-the-art surveillance at Kyle Field from the Bright Building, with multiple views of all points surrounding the points. A comparison of A&M's security and OU's is easily made.

"They have a very similar situation," said Caruso, "but not quite as advanced as our security measures are inside of Kyle Field."

The Norman bombing happened outside Memorial Stadium. Preventing something like that outside or inside Kyle has and will continue to be Priority One for authorities.