Local Group Gives Home Makeovers

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If home is where the heart is, then a group from Aldersgate Methodist Church really got some hearts pounding with a local home makeover project. Members from the church and community volunteers remodeled the homes of three Bryan families.

"We got some people together and everybody felt like it was the right thing so we got some teams together and a leadership team and we've called it Aiding Spaces Brazos Valley," said Randy Wimpee, Aiding Spaces.

None of the families are members of Aldersgate. The church partnered with local community agencies and the city to find families in need of major home repair.

"We don't know any of these people or hadn't known them until last month and don't have any relationships with them," said Wimpee.

The home repairs were far from easy. With items donated from the community, aiding spaces worked on everything from painting to moving walls and even installing a drainage system.

"We are going through with whatever resources we've got and gutting houses. We took all the furniture out and stored it in trucks and we're repainting re-carpeting moving a few walls, building some closets," said Wimpee.

Even with all the tools in a tool box the team from aiding spaces still needed more supplies. This time to repair below the surface.

"Several of the families have recently lost loved ones so we're spending time in counseling sessions with them and we also have several follow-up things scheduled," said Wimpee.

The entire group will work 'round the clock until the project is finished. While each home is repaired, the families are resting in local hotel rooms donated to the project. Even though construction is not complete, the city has already asked the church for more aiding spaces projects.