Bryan ISD Celebrates 125 Years

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Former, current and even future Bryan ISD students celebrated an important milestone today, the 125th anniversary of Bryan Independent School District (BISD).

"We've been producing great students for 125 years in Bryan and been an integral part of building a great community, so we're really proud," said Chris Peterson, President, Bryan ISD School Board.

Music and performances from BISD students kept the audience entertained. But in addition to the BISD family, some elected officials joined the celebration.

U.S. Representative Chet Edwards and State Senator Steve Ogden congratulated BISD for all their achievements and talked about the impact public education has on society.

"Public schools are really our future in this country and if we're going to be a land of opportunity the schools must always be the foundation of that opportunity," said U.S. Representative Chet Edwards, (D) District 17.

"I can't express how important a school is to a community. In my district I represent 80 school districts and most of the communities I represent say our school is our community," said State Senator Steve Ogden, (R) District 5.

The first public school in Bryan opened its doors in the fall of 1880 to just a few students. Now, 125 years later, the district has more than 14,000 students and growing.

While the event was meant to honor the past, school officials also took time to "break ground" on the future of the district.

"We're real excited that as we build the new high school as we build the new middle school as we build the new elementary school and make improvements to 12 district campuses, that we're not just entering into a building program, we're also entering into an education and excellence program at the same time," said Peterson.

The celebration was held in Heritage Park, just a few blocks away from where the first Bryan school was located. And while the next 125 years will be different from the first the goal of BISD will remain the same, to be the community's center of learning.