Proposition 2 Stirs Debate Across the State

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Early voting begins across the state this week on a few different constitutional amendments. But the amendment that has been drawing the most attention, is Proposition 2.

If passed, Proposition 2 would amend the constitution to declare that marriage in Texas consists only of the union of one man and one woman.

"I support one man and one woman. Of course I support that for life and that's what this proposition gives us the opportunity to reinforce," said Butch Smith, Pastor, Living Hope Baptist Church.

"Family values should encompass all those who are willing to commit to long term relationships that are loving and supportive of each other," said Sue Bloomfield, Unitarian Fellowship Church.

No matter what outcome of the vote on proposition 2, state law already bans same sex marriages so either way, same-sex unions can't exist. Groups on both sides of the issue are pushing the debate because of the political and emotional impact the definition of marriage has on everybody.

"Our federal government has an obligation to treat all it's tax payers and citizens equally under the law," said Bloomfield.

"This really doesn't affect individual private rights at all, this just gives us an opportunity to enforce historical and biblical definition of marriage," said Smith.

Those against the amendment say their concern is not about legal marriage for gay couples because that's not what the amendment addresses. Their interest is in unintended consequences like emergency notification and death benefits. But those for the amendment say that it still boils down to standards of faith and the word of God.

Both agree that most people's minds are already made up on the issue, but they are still working to get the word out on an amendment that could change Texas history.