Early Voting Polls Now Open

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Select polls are open for early voting. This time around voters will be deciding on nine constitutional amendments.

Proposition 1 seeks permission to use tax dollars to pay for moving freight rail lines from congested areas.

Next is Proposition 2 which has drawn the most attention. If passed, it would amend the constitution to declare that marriage consists only of the union of man and woman thereby prohibiting same sex marriage.

Amendment number 3 touches on economic development.

"It allows the government to offer tax incentives to individual companies because they say the community gets something in return," said Bill Turner, Brazos County District Attorney.

Proponents of Proposition 4 it say it will help protect crime victims from dangerous criminals.

"If after they are released the first time they continue to harm or harass the victim, the judge can hold them and not allow bail," said Turner.

Others say bail should not be denied before guilt is proven.

Considering a commercial loan? Then pay attention to number 5, it allows legislature to define rates of interest for commercial loans.

Think judges are the king of their courtroom? Think again, the Commission on Judicial Conduct investigates allegations of judicial misconduct and Proposition 6 would change that commission.

"It increases that board so that it includes additional judges so that every facet of the judicial arena is represented," said Turner.

Proposition 7 allows reverse mortgages holders to get lines of credit from their mortgages. Proposition 8 is a house keeping measure aimed at clearing up land title rules stemming from East Texas. Proposition 9 gives longer terms to board members of regional mobility authorities.

Even though early voting has begun, the big election isn't until November 8. While voter turnout is generally low on amendment elections, officials say this year the issues will draw a lager crowd.