Take 25 to Save Your Child

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Law enforcement agencies all over the Brazos Valley asked parents to take 25 today: twenty five minutes to talk to their kids about safety.

This weekend at the College Station Police Department, parents could have their kids' fingerprints and pictures taken, as part of the nationwide Take 25 campaign.

Officers say parents can't discuss every possibility, but say its important for kids to know they can't trust everyone, and to have some sort of plan for situations when they don't feel safe.

"If someone comes up in the street and mom and dad aren't home, to run to a nieghbor's house, a safe neighbor. If they're in a crowded mall to have a designated meeting place If they get separated, to go to," said Chuck Fleeger, a Master Officer with the College Station Police Department, and Chairman of the Brazos Valley Amber Alert Network.

For more safety tips, follow the link to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website.


To sign up to receive local amber alert text messages to your cell phones, click the link below: