Pot Busts By CSPD

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College Station Police arrested numerous people for possession of marijuana in a 24-hour period.

Ten people were arrested, in six different incidents, at the start of this Memorial Day weekend.

Those arrested and charged are Johnny Mendoza, 33, of Bryan; Jonathan Orta, 19, of Bryan; Virgil Ponce, 18, of Bryan; Morgan Lingsweiler, 18, of College Station; Christopher Nelson, 18, of College Station; Forrest Burrell, 18, of College Station; Clinton Logan, 20, of College Station; Jacob Easley, 20, of College Station, and two minors.

Also arrested by CSPD this weekend was Bryson Williams, 25, of Bryan, for allegedly manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance, evading arrest, failing to identify himself, and driving while his license was suspended.

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