Local Expert Comments on CIA Leak

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The Nation first learned of CIA Operative Valerie Plame in July of 2002. Now in October 2005, Special Prosecutor Pat Fitzgerald is expected to announce if there will be indictments in the investigation into just who outed the undercover CIA agent.

"Fitzgerald is a very good prosecutor, very careful and I am sure he is weighing what can I prove what can I have an indictment for and if it goes to court what can I prove," said Dr. Charles Johnson, College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University.

Dr. Charles Johnson is Dean of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University. He is also co-author of Independent Counsel: The Law and the Investigations. He has examined White House investigations and he says it is not unusual for investigations to take many years. Long investigations, however, don't always equal indictments.

"Sometimes a long investigation leads the prosecution and the grand jury to conclude that there was no crime," said Johnson.

Johnson says right now he doesn't see this case being as extensive as the Iran-Contra or Bill Clinton investigation because there is no evidence of direct presidential involvement.

"I don't see this case as being that serious. I've herd nothing that implicates the President or even the Vice President or other senior white house officials. So it seems to me that this is a much more contained case," said Johnson.

Johnson admits that even after studying other White House investigations, this is a difficult to case predict. But with the deadline for the grand jury right around the corner, the Nation won't have to wait much longer to find out what the next chapter in the story will be.