Habitat Volunteers the Backbone of the Group

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At the heart of Habitat for Humanity are its volunteers. For ten years now, the organization has been building up whole subdivisions for families in need, and to raise the walls of each home, it takes a lot of help.

Laurie Tingley has spent the better part of this decade in Habitat homes, getting them ready for new families. He's had a hand on each and every home that's risen thanks to Habitat in seven years.

"I like the work," Tingley said. "I like to work for people who are working for themselves, to better themselves.

"The main thing to me is seeing these people work on their own homes, and when they get that home, especially their children, that makes it for me."

The same goes for John Martin, another volunteer who brought Habitat work experience from Baton Rouge. He's out at work sites about three days a week. Some volunteers spend more time, some less. But "volunteer" is the key word: there's a small army that continues to work in the fight against poor living conditions and homelessness.

"It's something that I think we can do something about, and this particular program, I believe, is a really, really good program," Martin said.

When the finished product is looked at, the four walls may hide how much work volunteers put into the project.

"The average person just really doesn't realize it," Tingley said. "Now, if we can get them out here working with us, they learn really quick."

And Habitat is always looking for the help, construction or otherwise.

"There's something that anyone can do," Martin said. "There's a place in Habitat for anyone. They don't have to come out here and pound nails. There are other things they can do."

Your chance to help Habitat comes Thursday. News 3 will be out at Post Oak Mall all day asking for your donations to the Builder's Blitz. Habitat needs your help to make families' dreams come true, so whatever money you can give, here's your chance to help. Click on the link below for more information.