Man Accused of Murdering Two Burleson County Men Speaks Out

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The man accused of murdering two Burleson County men in April is speaking out.

Myron Douglas Phillips recently wrote KBTX a letter. He says he wants the truth to be told about the events leading up to the deaths of David and D.J. Weichert. On April 23 officials say Phillips fatally shot the father and son outside of their home. Phillips then eluded authorities for 12 hours before surrendering peacefully.

Just days after Myron Phillips was arrested for two counts of capital murder News 3 wrote him a letter requesting an interview.

Several weeks after the murders, Phillips responded.

His hand-written letter is at times illegible and many words are spelled incorrectly. Phillips rambles throughout the letter and makes numerous demands.

One of those demands was to keep his letter a secret, but we decided it was important to share it with our viewers. We wanted to let the public know more about the man accused of violently killing two men.

Also, it is against our policy to let the demands of an accused felon dictate our news coverage.

Phillips said he would talk to us, only if we did a few things for him. He wanted News 3 to come to a child custody hearing Friday regarding his step-children, but we did not.

He also asked for us to go on on the news twice and say quote "tell my step children Doug and your mom love you very much no matter what we love you and so does Meanie and she miss you both."

In the letter, he goes on to say quote, "There is something I feel will show the truth I'll let you know where and when."
He also says "I want the truth to be told."

In the letter, Phillips never implies what the "truth" is.

We called the Burleson County Sheriff's office to let them know about the letter, but our calls were not returned.

Phillips faces two charges of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping.

He remains jailed on a $3 million bond.