Bryan High #2 Still in the Works

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Plans for a second high school in Bryan made some big progress Monday afternoon.

The city's school board approved Bartlett Cocke as the construction manager at risk for the project after choosing from three finalists.

The board also heard from the construction company, and got their first look at the schematics for the new school building. While the plans are only in the early stages, the council unanimously approved what's been done so far for blueprints, and gave the go-ahead to coordinate with staff on the next steps of the project.

"We're real excited about it," said Superintendent Mike Cargill. "We think it makes a really great statement about our district. We had a lot of meetings with a lot of staff members over the last several months trying to put this together, so this is a good schematic of what the building's going to look like."

The school board will also make the schematics available to the public on their website, at Bryan High and the city library. Residents are encouraged to give feedback on the plans.