On the Lookout for Sex Offenders Oct. 31st

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Every Halloween, law enforcement keeps their eyes on area sex offenders.

"What ought to be a pretty wholesome thing can go awry if they knock on the wrong door," said Shane Phelps with the Brazos County district attorney's office. "So of course, whenever there's any kind of situation where there's children involved, it raises the concern of law enforcement and the District Attorney's office."

That's why police patrol neighborhoods and check the homes of registered offenders on October 31. Any enticing can land them in jail.

"If they have up any Halloween decorations, or if they have candy out, or if they have porchlights on, we check anything that would indicate to a child that was going trick-or-treating tonight that someone is at home and available at this house," said Pete Scheets with Bryan Police.

And according to Scheets, there shouldn't be a lack of knowledge for those registered. "They're aware of it when they register into the program, particularly those that are of high risk for children," he said. "This is information that is shared with them when they enroll in the program."

Parents are also strongly encouraged to log on to the City of Bryan's website, where all registered offenders are mapped out.

"We can do something from law enforcement's perspective, but that's a reactive thing," Phelps said. "The proactive measure, like checking the website and not knocking on doors of the residences of sex offenders makes a lot of sense to me."

To Phelps, there is a burden on everyone involved to protect trick-or-treaters. "Everybody has that responsibility, but when it comes right down to it, sex offenders have a responsibility to follow the law and not put themselves in a position where they can harm children," he said.

A more vigilant eye to be kept on a more visible holiday.