Calvert ISD Money Woes

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Layoffs may be the only way to keep the Calvert School district afloat next year. That's according to the district's superintendent.

Calvert's school board is trying to figure out a way to keep the district running on it's funding. The district will barely squeak by this school year, but says it will receive about $400,000 less next year.

" We've just got to look at cutting back the staff which is not any fun, but that's about the only thing left to do," said Calvert superintendent Morris Ogden.

Ogden says a reduction in school enrollment is the reason the school district has been receiving less money from the state over the past few years.

He says the school has a little over 200 students enrolled, but still has the same amount of staff as if the school had 300 students. He says cutting down the number of administrators and teachers may be the districts only option.

" We've looked at going to a single campus with a single principal and just different options," said Ogden.

Ogden says he and the school board will have several workshops to explore all their options and hopes to have a plan in place by next March.