Bush Library Set For Big Changes

Big changes are on the horizon for the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

An $8 million renovation will be adding a number of new features to the building, ones which the library's director, Warren Finch, hopes will be longterm additions for visitors' viewing pleasure.

"I think with the newer technology that's come, the flat panel screens, the computer touch screens, the interactive stuff, this is a good time to do it," Finch said. "We're doing it in a way that this re-do will last.

"I doubt that we'll do another one in 10 years," he continued. "The idea is to do this in a way that this one will last another 15 or 20 years."

Updates to murals, a "partner's desk," a new, bigger fascade for the White House, and a situation room are all on tap.

The Bush Library Foundation board will meet next week. As soon as the contract is signed, they'll begin designing and building the exhibit elements.

The goal is to have it finished by November 2007 for the library's 10th anniversary.