Emergency Commissioner from London Tours TEEX and A&M

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When disaster strikes, emergency officials must be prepared to respond in record time and often without notice. When the London Subway bombing happened July 7th, the London Fire Brigade was well ready for the challenge.

"I think we were prepared as well as we could have been prepared because we had taken a lot of time to realize this was something that was going to happen," said Ken Knight, Commissioner, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

It was that anticipation of an attack that led Knight to seek out Texas A&M. His next move was sending more than 300 members of the London Fire Brigade to Texas A&M for special training in urban search and rescue at TEEX Disaster City™.

Now, he attributes his group's successful response to the bombing and other small disasters, to the training they received from TEEX.

"They did all of the work of collapsed building dealing with people trapped in buildings in the event of a major collapse and in fact, we that to good use," said Knight.

In fact, Knight was so pleased with the training that he wanted to see it for himself. Over the next few days, he'll spend time with TEEX and A&M University System officials discussing ways to have even more training opportunities and a possible international partnership.

"We're just looking at ways we might want to join together and share each others experience and learn together cause this is bigger than any single fire brigade or county," said Knight.

At this point Knight is only discussing options with A&M, but it is safe to say that TEEX has earned some great admirers in Great Britain.