New Train Exhibit

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A new train exhibit tracks its way to the George Bush President Library and Museum. News 3 was there for all the bells and whistles of opening day.

Trains, trains, and more trains. The new exhibit at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum is called Trains: Tracks of the Iron Horse. The 4, 200 square foot exhibit covers everything from the trains inception to modern day locomotives and routes.

"We have all kinds of in scale train setups. We have g-scales, we have big trains and little trains. We have conductor's uniforms and beautiful and romantic china. We have a lot of great things to watch," said exhibit coordinator, Patricia Burchfield.

Bush 41, Texas A&M University President Robert Gates, and Union Pacific representatives held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening day of the exhibit. Museum officials say the trains are a perfect fit for the history of Bush 41's presidency and College Station.

"The name of the actual town is College Station from the train station. So it's a good connection. We try to do exhibits on the American Presidency and American history," said Burchfield.

The exhibit also includes a restored caboose, a collection of railroad clocks, historic photographs, and much more.

"It's really amazing how much the railroads impacted American society and American economy and commerce, moving people west, connecting the nation," said Burchfield.

The exhibit runs until July 31 2006.