University Corridor: Wheels vs. Walkers

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Even with a ban on outdoor drinking at Northgate, the flow of traffic remains constant in more ways than one.

"It continues to thrive," said Scott McCollum with College Station Police. "It's still a very popular place, and of course, one of the issues we brought up during that process was pedestrian safety."

The typical weekend rush to Northgate has pedestrians scurrying down sidewalks and across intersections.

"It can get pretty busy, pretty dangerous and pretty wild out here on Friday, Saturday nights," said Texas A&M student Adam Santley. "I wouldn't try to cross the intersection."

But those who choose to cross have caught the eye of the city.
They're the motivation behind a community meeting at A&M United Methodist Church Tuesday at 7 PM where the city will ask for ideas to improve safety at the University Corridor between Wellborn and College Main.

"I can't think of another place where we really have the tremendous amount of pedestrian crossing as we do right there on campus," said Troy Rother, College Station's city traffic engineer.

Rother has been delving into these matters, noting that TXDoT and TTI studies confirm the high traffic on wheels and on foot, both of which are among the busiest in the city, especially on the weekends. And fully correcting one can cause problems with the other.

"University is one the major east-west thoroughfares through the city," said Rother. "We have to balance pedestrian safety with mobility and moving traffic through the city."

"You do, from time to time, have people that will cross at locations other than the crosswalk," said McCollum, "and of course, when we see that, you know there's always potential for a bad situation to occur."

A situation the city wants to avoid with input from its citizens.