Bryan Solicits Public Input for Proposed Charter Changes

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The city of Bryan is asking for your input on four proposed changes to the city charter.

City officials are hosting a public meeting Monday at 6 p.m. at Rayburn Middle School and it's your last chance to sound off before city council decides what proposed amendments to put before voters.

The first proposed change involves compensation for city councilmembers.

Currently, councilmembers are paid $120 a year.

The proposed change would add $250 a month for expenses, bringing the annual compensation to councilmembers to $3,120.

Another proposed change calls for making the city's internal auditor a council-appointed position.

Currently, there are four appointed positions, including city manager, city attorney, city secretary, and municipal court judge.

The last two proposed changes really involve bringing the city charter up to date.

The third proposed change calls for a review of items not in compliance with state laws.

This specifically refers to the city election dates, which no longer comply with the uniform election dates set by the state.

Finally, the fourth proposed change calls for identifying charter deficiencies that prevent the modern operation of the city government.

A 1941 charter requirement that calls for all seven council members to be present to pass an emergency ordinance.

City officials say this is no longer practical when you consider acts of terrorism or natural disasters.

Again, that meeting of the charter review advisory committee is Monday night at six at Rayburn Middle School in Bryan.

The committee will then pass on their recommendations to city council, who will decide what proposed charter changes go to Bryan voters in May.