New Digs Needed for County EOC

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The talk continues about improvements to emergency response, and the response local leaders heard Monday night was that a new Emergency Operations Center is needed.

"I don't think there's any question in anybody's mind that after Katrina and Rita, the current EOC location that we have for Brazos County and for the City of Bryan is too small," said Interim Emergency Management Coordinator Michele Meade. "We need a new facility.

"We ended up having too many people in the EOC. We didn't have rooms we could spread out the specialty groups, logistics groups, operations groups. There wasn't room to do that."

So now, officials are looking into moving out of the third floor of the old Verizon building, and into a new facility.

Size: around 12-thousand square feet, and weather resistant.

Location: to be determined.

Cost: to be determined.

Cooperation: greatly needed.

"I think it's absolutely critical that we all be on the same page when we start talking about emergency management because we have to rely on each other," said College Station Councilmember Ron Gay. "No single entity have enough man power or enough funds to take care of all the emergency management situations."

"With everything, there's a cost involved," said Bryan Councilmember Jason Bienski. "But when it comes to health and safety, it's a top priority for the area, and for the city."

Also discussed were the pros and cons of putting emergency personnel near the EOC, and finding a new storage facility for equipment. Decision are still a ways away, but discussion on Monday night at least got underway.