Blogs, The New Internet Craze That's Shaping Opinions

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The house where Nate lives has three of the four computers where Nate blogs.

"Blogging mostly involves spending the time to set up your own personal website and to take the time out of your very busy day to write about your personal life and keep a diary of everything you're doing and for people like me to also spout off political opinions," said Nate Nance, blogger.

22 year old Nate Nance's blog is just one of the estimated 15 to 30 million in the world.

Bloggers, from the words "web log," write personal online diaries and commentaries. Some of the best bloggers weigh in on social and political issues, report nuggets of information that the national media miss or suppress, and provide links to other bloggers with something pithy to say.

Subjects that the mainstream press is skittish about often show up in the blogging world.

Nate's blogs are mostly about politics.

Bloggers are emerging as a check against the mainstream press. It's becoming a prime source of news and commentary among the young.

Ian Weber is a global media professor at Texas A&M University. He's done extensive research on blogging and he says there is a simple reason this new phenomenon is so appealing to many.

"It allows them a voice so they can communicate their ideas in a forum that can be accessed by as many people as you want," said Ian Weber, Blog Expert.

Nate says blogging has become a subculture of society that, right or wrong, allows him and millions of others to freely express their points of view on important topics.

"A lot of people take it to heart, they like being part of this blog community this blog sphere," said Nance.

Some of Nate's blogs have be known to get as many as 3,000 hits per day,

Not bad for a community college drop out who still lives at home with his mother. Through blogging Nate has become a political commentator of sorts.

"It's being a political pundent," said Nance.

But what if Nate gets his facts mixed up and intentionally, or unintentionally misinforms his loyal audience?

"They'll let you know about that," said Nance.

But that's about it, because blogging is so new it's a relatively unregulated industry. And that means changes are on the horizon.