Student Ticket Numbers at a Low for Texas Game

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"This year it appears there will be a few extra tickets left the tickets that are not pulled by students will go on sale to the general public," said Alan Cannon, Texas A&M University Athletics.

That's something a bit unusual before an A&M UT football game. In fact, Cannon with the athletic department says this is the first time since at least 1980 students haven't pulled all available tickets.

"About 24,000 students of our allotted 30,000 have picked up," said Cannon.

In previous years tickets for the A&M UT game have been nearly impossible to come by, but this year is different. Thousands of student seats are still available which means Longhorns could be sitting next to Aggies at this year's game.

"Anyone can get them, if they're Longhorn fans or Aggie fans," said Cannon.

University officials say the main reason students are staying away is because of the conflict with Thanksgiving holiday.

"If you have a professor that'll let you off Wednesday afternoon you could have a long extended stay at home," said Cannon.

An interesting assessment since student attendance hasn't been an issue during the past eight years when the game was played the day after Thanksgiving. It's also an observation not everyone agrees on.

"Thanksgiving has a little to do with it but also, A&M is not doing good this year the fans should be supported but they're not," said Matt Gavitt, Texas A&M student.

"Number 2 Texas against unranked A&M, number 2 Texas, that's all I gotta say, Number 2 Texas, A&M," said Jeremiah Clin, Texas A&M student.

And one student says the only reason he is going to the game is because most of his family went to UT.

"My family's coming to me and they are all tea-sips so they want to come to the game," said Kevin West, Texas A&M student.

Cannon says it has been a rough year for the Aggies but he is confident the students at the game will support the team no matter the score.