Michigan Fugitives Arrested in Bryan

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Two fugitives from Michigan are in custody after their arrest in Bryan Friday.

Michigan State Police notified Bryan authorities on Thursday that Leopoldo Jaso, 51, and his girlfriend, Shanna Scroggins, 36, might be in the area.

Both were arrested Friday.

Scroggins was arrested at Walden Brooke Estates retirement community in Bryan, where she was working.

She was wanted for felony child abuse.

Jaso was found at his residence in the 3900 block of College Main.

He tried to flee the scene, but was arrested.

Jaso was wanted on six felony counts of sexual misconduct with a child.

Police don't know why the couple were in Bryan.

They remain in Brazos County Jail as fugitives and face an extradition hearing early next week.