Two Bryan Men Arrested In Driving Incidents

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Two Bryan men were arrested in driving-related incidents.

Louis Ayala is out of jail after being pulled over for speeding, but arrested for possession of marijuana.

A Department of Public Safety trooper found eight pounds of marijuana found in Ayala's vehicle. He was stopped on Highway 6 near FM 159.

Ayala's arrest record dates back 1996 in Brazos County -- from drugs, to driving while intoxicated, to evading arrest.

Floriberto Sanchez is being held in the Brazos County jail after police say he was going 85 miles-per-hour down Leonard Road in his truck.

They say he knocked down a power pole, and a few road signs.

Sanchez was arrested for reckless driving after the officer spotted him leaving the accident with a 12-pack of Budweiser in his hand.