CS Police Say Pair Caught Passing Fraudulent Checks

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A Brenham man and woman were arrested Friday night after College Station police say they were working as a team to pass off fraudulent checks.

The clerk at Mr. Payroll on Texas Avenue first noticed something was wrong, when the "W" in Waller was missing from the employer address on the check.

Police say Mary Ann Phillips was trying to cash a fake $684.23 check from "Effort Product & Distibution Inc."

Police say the word "distribution" was missing an "r" and the check numbers were in the wrong place.

Officers say Desmond Detra Ronbinson was waiting for Phillips in a car outside, and attempted to hide checks in the waistband of his pants.

In total, officers say they recovered 14 forged checks from Robinson, totalling $19,786.06.

Robinson's bond was set at $25,000, while Phillips was set at $5,000.