New Details on Normangee Drug Raid

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On Thursday, Lynn Ogle stood on her pool ladder to look over her fence. "I was just standing right here," said Ogle.

She wanted to see what was happening at the house on 2nd Street & Rogers Street, in her Normangee neighborhood.

"At that time, all the SWAT team had their guns drawn, big long rifles drawn," said Ogle.

As officers executing a drug search warrant soon found out, the homeowners, Chris and Vickie Gill, also had rifles.

Leon County Sheriff's Deputies and the Navarro County SWAT team recovered 58 guns including some with illegal attachments.

That's when Lynn Ogle moved her pool ladder, for a better look.

"I just thought wonder what in the world he's getting on the roof for?"

Deputies were removing surveillance equipment from the Gill's home.

"There were 4 cameras, one facing each corner, so they could tell who was coming up," said Ogle.

The Sheriff's Office believes the couple was selling drugs. They found marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, ecstasy and other pills like Vicodin and Xanax.

"Oh I was not surprised at all," said Ogle. "Cars are constant at all hours of the night."

Officers seized two vehicles, along with nearly $19,000, at least one snake, and three alligators.

"There were two little children in there this whole time, that's what I feel sorry for," said Ogle.

Neighbors say the children's grandmother, Vickie Gill has already posted the $200,000 bond she received for possessing a controlled substance.

"I hate the fact that bond can be posted and that they'll probably be right back in operation in no time," said Ogle.

Chris Gill has been charged with possessing prohibited weapons, and four counts of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. He is still in jail on an over $800,000 bond.