Help for Local Traffic Problems Is on the Way

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While traffic problems in the Brazos Valley aren't as bad as in other parts of the state, they could be headed that way.

That's why local traffic specialists at the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) want to make changes before road congestion becomes a major issue.

Fortunately for TTI, so does congress. In fact, the Transportation Appropriations Committee earmarked $400,000 to local governmental entities to address the issue.

"By progressing with this we can head off some of the congestion problems that some of the cities that were our size years ago and have had the growing pains to deal with and overcome," said Troy Rother, traffic engineer, City of College Station.

The money, approved by the house on Friday, is going to be used by TTI at the Translink Center as a collaboration among Texas A&M the cities of Bryan and College Station and the county.

"The City of College Station, the City of Bryan, TXDot all have traffic management capabilities what we're hoping to do is to tie some of those systems together to better operate those systems from a regional perspective," said Kevin Balke, Translink center director, TTI.

The money might not be here yet, but plans of how the integrated Translink system will operate are already in the works.

"An upstream signal will be able to tell a downstream signal that traffic is coming and adjust on the fly," said Rother.

Once the system is up and running it can be duplicated by others.

"It will serve as a model for how cities that are similar in size to Bryan and College Station can come together, share information back and forth," said Balke.

The local population will continue to expand, but as it does, it is possible that traffic won't become a major part of the growing pains.