20-year-old Arrested for Intoxication Assault After July Accident

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COLLEGE STATION A 20 year old is being charged with intoxication assault after crashing his truck into a tree, injuring himself and two others.

Early on July 12th, College Station cops responded to a crash scene in the 900 block of Pershing. According to the police report, McClain Williamson was behind the wheel of the crashed pick-up truck .

Williamson, and two other passengers, Haiden Trigg and James Singer, were taken to the College Station Medical Center. Williams had bad cuts on his head and hand. Singer was cut on his foot. Trigg was the most severely injured and required emergency surgery to stop bleeding in his brain.

Williamson's friend, Maddie Mickan, had seen the group earlier in the night. She told police that she saw Williamson at Chimy's on Northgate around 7:30 pm. According to the police report, Mickan drove a friend home around 2 a.m. She called Williamson and asked if they wanted to eat at Fuegos. Williamson agreed and went to her house. Mickan told police that she drove to Fuegos because Williamson had been drinking. She said that they left the restaurant around 3:00 a.m., and drove the group back to her house. There, according to police, Williamson got behind the wheel and drove to his house nearby.

Williamson told police he was taking Trigg home after eating and drinking a local restaurant and that he shouldn't have been driving.
He's being held on $15,000 bond.